LaMPSS Glossary of Terms


With the implementation of LaMPSS, there have been a few changes to the terminology we use.  To assist you, a glossary of terms has been developed.

Agreement Manager:
A partner department/area staff member who has ownership of and responsibility for the day-to-day activities of a LaMPSS Agreement.

In the Adult Education Division:  Grant Coordinator and the Adult Education Coordinator

In LaMPSS the term “assessment” can be used to describe a status or condition of an agreement application or it can be used to describe an activity that an agreement application goes through. An agreement that is in “assessment” status implies that the agreement is being considered against program criteria to determine if it will be recommended for approval and funding or not.

LaMPSS (Labour Market Program Support System) is a common system and set of business processes that enable the Partners to improve service to individuals; improve service to agreement holders; and improve efficiencies and effectiveness within their operations.

The LMDA (Labour Market Development Agreement) is an agreement between the federal & provincial governments that transfers the responsibility and funding for delivery of EI based employment program for Employment Benefits and Support Measures under part II of the EI Act to the province. It was effective July 1, 2009.

A program is the vehicle used to deliver funding to external stakeholders; external stakeholders (e.g. organization) apply for funding under a program. Programs typically have eligibility criteria, require an application, have a start date, may have an end date etc. and are intended to support specific outcomes as defined by government policy. Partner departments define and develop programs that are configured and supported within LaMPSS. (i.e, Family Literacy Grant Program)

A project is what the organization proposes to do if approved for funding using the criteria developed for the various programs within the Adult Education Division.  Prior to LaMPSS, organizations commonly referred to what we now call projects as “programs.”

In LaMPSS the term “verification” is used to describe a status or condition of an agreement application when it is first submitted for assessment. An agreement that is in “verification” status implies that the agreement is being reviewed to ensure it contains all the relevant documents required to complete an accurate assessment.  At this point, the content is not reviewed against program criteria for approval.  If required content is missing, the organization may be requested to resend the proposal with the required information.




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